Long Term Complication Of Diabetes

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Diabetes also called the diabetes mellitus is explained as the disease of a group of metabolic that causes the imbalance blood glucose (blood sugar). The blood sugar is either high or low or sometime the both conditions exist in a single patient. The condition of the blood sugar occurs when the insulin production is inadequate. The other condition is when the body 's cells do not respond properly to insulin and sometimes in both cases the blood sugar is disturbed. As suggested by Harvey, Rebecca A., et al. The patients of high blood sugar often report frequent urination and thirst and hunger more than the usual patterns. The long term complication of diabetes cause many diseases like chronic kidney failure, foot ulcers, damage to the…show more content…
Doctors and researchers are findings new cures and solutions save the rising issues of diabetes and bring better health care facilities and technology in the field to help sustain longer, healthier life. As Hovorka, Roman, et al suggest, The technologies include the monitoring devices and the blood test devices that can be used by the patients themselves helping them to keep track of their blood sugar level. The solution does not know the blood sugar level but to act on it accordingly (2006). The use of technology and the development of online records are japing the patients to share their records with the doctors and experts overseas to help them adjusting to new drugs and technological tools. Electronic monitoring with artificial pancreas The technology focused in this essay is the artificial pancreas. It has been the dream of doctors and the researchers to develop the device that worked as the artificial pancreas to help sustain and monitor the insulin level in the human body. The device is also to be linked with the monitoring the sharing of the information and records of the insulin level. The electronic records s doeth disease and the monitoring of the diseases already exist in much form. But what is new to this discovery is that the new technology like artificial pancreas can be monitored and accurately used by patients while the records are being
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