Long Term Conditions Essay

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The aim of this essay is to define a long term condition (LTC) and explain why this is important for nurses. Common symptoms may accompany many LTC’s and how these are treated, along with the impact on patient and carer will be considered. The patient chosen for this case study shall be referred to as John to
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The DOH (2001) suggests that approximately 90% of adults in the UK that have Diabetes have Type 2, and that this condition can have a significant effect on the psychological well-being of these people and their families.

John is in his early forties and has had Type 2 Diabetes for 8 years. When he was first diagnosed, he was offered a diet sheet and advice from his doctor to introduce physical exercise into his life. John is a manual worker and feels he doesn’t need to exercise as he keeps active most of the day. He gave up smoking and drinking alcohol, but after 3 months his blood glucose level was still above normal and was prescribed medication. Eight years later, he now uses insulin to control his blood glucose levels and is a non-smoker. He was admitted to hospital following a road traffic accident which resulted in an operation on his foot which had sustained multiple injuries. The wound was very slow healing and intravenous antibiotics were prescribed.

John was diagnosed with depression shortly after being prescribed insulin to control his diabetes. Although depression is considered to be a long term condition itself, it is often noted to accompany other LTC’s suggests Carrier (2009). John has a wife and a daughter of 20 months and often feels unable to enjoy a normal relationship with them due to his low mood and feelings of anxiety. Before John’s diagnosis of
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