Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence

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Long-Term Consequences of Childhood Exposure to Domestic Violence Abstract: Domestic violence effects everybody in a family. Patterns of abuse from one parent to another, between both parents or directed toward a child all have a composite effect of inflicting potentially severe emotional damage upon the child. The research outlined here identifies domestic violence as a serious sociological problem and consequently provides a usable definition of domestic violence for the present study. This is followed by a discussion on the various psychological consequences of exposure to domestic violence for a developing child. This includes acknowledgement of the manner in which this exposure may damage the ability to formulate healthy social relationships later in life as well as a greater proclivity toward behavior problems, learning difficulties, substance abuse and a learned pattern of violent tendencies. Outline: Introduction: Problem Identification: Domestic violence is a widespread sociological problem wherein women and children are most often the victims. The problem is compounded by the fact that so much domestic violence goes under-reported Support: According to an article by Hannah (1998), "sparse data exists on the number of domestic violence cases that arrive in the criminal justice system and what happens to them once they get there. (44) The federal government and a majority of the states collect statistics on domestic violence, but there are wide variations in
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