Long-Term Effects Of Childhood Sexual Abuse On A Family

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Introduction Many people can say that they have either a good or a bad relationship with their family. There are reasons that lead up to what a person’s answer could possibly be. Reasons could include the way they were raised, major events in a family’s history, and how they were treated during their childhood. Suchitra Bhandari et al wanted to question how childhood sexual abuse could affect family characteristics and possibly the long-term effects it had on a population of people. Their study was to find a correspondence with how family characteristics and bonds with each other would be affected if someone was sexually abused as a child. The authors also wanted to know if the people that were sexually abused as a child had any long-term effects such as feeling lonely, or having a sexual attitude whenever they were older. A history of child sexual abuse (CSA) has been associated with high rates of psychological problems in clinical and non-clinical populations (Browne & Finkelhor, 1986; Cahill, Llewelyn & Pearson, 1991; Davis & Petretic-Jackson, 2000; Putnam, 2003; Tice, Whittenburg, Baker, & Lemmey, 2001). Child Sexual Abuse can be defined as another form of child abuse in which an adult uses a child for sexual stimulation or actiivities. Every family is different in their own way when it comes to the characteristics. A healthy family relationship provides the support that one may need in a critical time. The authors…show more content…
Research findings showed how one’s relationship with their family could be affected by actions taken when they were a
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