Long Term Effects Of Disease Essay

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To illustrate the long term effects of disease, consider this analogy about an individual with cancer. Developing cancer will generate short-term and long-term effects in a person’s life. The disease and the medications could affect their personality and therefore their social relationships and they could be confined to a hospital for months and not be able to communicate well with the friends that are unable to visit. Cancer patients’ financials are consumed by countless expensive medical bills, and their personality could be effected from the medication as well. Like cancer, the effects eating disorders can span throughout an entire lifetime. Either way, if one choses to adopt the lifestyle of an eating disorder or acquires one over time, this disease will have the same effects on the body, mind, and social wellness.…show more content…
Pediatric doctor Madhusmita Misra studied and documented how malnutrition from eating disorders (mainly Anorexia), has an effect on the skeletal system. She notes that malnutrition in adolescence can contribute to low bone density which results in osteopenia or, later and more severe, osteoporosis. These effects can be irreversible if not treated, especially in young women that have already undergone puberty. Because of low weight and bone density, eating disorders can stunt a child’s growth and growth potential. In adolescent males, because they stop growing later in their life, they are less likely to be affected permanently (Misra). Eating disorders can also cause permanent infertility in women (Stewart). Although some effects from eating disorders can be reversed with time, others will stick with the victim for their whole lifetime and remind them every single day of their
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