Long Term Effects Of Divorce On Adolescents Essay

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For my final project in this course, I will be exploring the long term effects of divorce on adolescents. In terms of motivation and experience in researching this subject, I have hands on experience with the results divorce brings onto families. As a child of two divorces, one at age five and the other last year, I want to understand not only what truly causes divorce, but the physiological consequences the split brings upon the children involved. The decisions of my parents have weighed heavily on my life thus far and in researching and communicating the research behind my findings, I hope my audience will receive additional information on how divorce affects everyone involved, especially adolescents, to hold a better grasp on the growing epidemic and what it…show more content…
Divorce, as I have witnessed from my own personal experiences, makes children feel they have to grow up quicker than others. I had to assume responsibilities that children my age should never have to do, such as being the messenger in conversation between my parents, dealing with the police, taking care of my brother, stepping up to do chores, taking care of the house, consoling my own parents and stepparents, having conversations about financial situations, and helping to make huge decisions such as moving. Because of these experiences, I wish to communicate to my audience, and learn for myself how divorce impacts the children involved in order for the population to be more accepting and informed on divorce. My final project, in order to convey this information, will be broken up into two main parts. One being the causes of divorce and secondly, the long term effects divorce has on adolescents. I feel it is important to take both into consideration because they are tightly connected and understanding the effects of an epidemic comes with the study of why the epidemic exists at
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