Long Term Effects Of Early Trauma On Children

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The Long Term Effects of Early Trauma on Children in Foster and Adoptive Settings Alyssa Lodhi Amberton University October 25th, 2014 Personal Journey When I was five years old, my mom told me that there were some children who didn’t have moms. I was shocked, and told my mother frankly that I’d be their mom. Caring for children with early trauma has been the driving passion of my life. When I was six and again when I was eight, my parents adopted children from Vietnam. Having siblings who were born and orphaned in another country put a very personal face for me on human rights and child welfare issues around the world. I’ve spent the last four years working for the International Foster Care program at Catholic Charities Fort…show more content…
Purpose Because of this, my purpose in research will be to explore the long term effects on foster and adopted children, and whether secure attachment to a primary caregiver provides an environment that allows for emotional healing from traumatic events and their effects. Significance The study of the developmental implications of early trauma for children is essential for understanding appropriate expectations and interventions for children to help foster and adoptive families and child welfare workers maintain appropriate expectations for children who have been adopted and better equip them to meet their children’s unique needs. Considering that children who have experienced traumatic removal from a primary caregiver are likely to exhibit behaviors that lead to placement breakdowns and therefore more traumatic removals from caregivers, it is essential for positive long term outcomes that the initial placement and child’s existing connections be preserved (Newton, R. R., Litrownik, A. J., & Landsverk, J. A., 2000). Additionally, foster parents who hold appropriate expectations and understand causes and reasons for a child’s behavior is predictive of placement stability (Butler & Charles, 1999). Operational Definitions for the Study Trauma: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience or physical injury Early trauma: Trauma that occurs between the ages of 0-6. Normal Development:
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