Long Term Effects Of Impact On Classroom Instruction

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Long-Term Effects of IMPACT on Classroom Instruction Problem Statement Meeting the needs of faculty with professional development that fits their needs and abilities is not an easy task. Faculty-centered professional development had been shown to be more productive (Polly & Hannafin, 2010). Faculty centered learning helps instructors take ownership of what they learn and apply more in their classrooms (Polly & Hannafin, 2010). Personalized professional development for instructors has been shown to improve student learning (Yost, Vogel & Rosenberg, 2009). Purdue University’s campus course resign program called Instruction Matters: Purdue Academic Course Transformation (IMPACT), teaches faculty how to use active learning as a tool for…show more content…
1). This project is unique since more research is needed in the area of professional development of faculty and teachers and very little has been done related to IMPACT (Yost, Vogel & Rosenberg, 2009). Surveying teachers by asking their opinions of training sessions at the close of the session is how most of the research conducted in the area has been gathered (Lawless & Pellegrino, 2007). Measuring effectiveness, the long-term opinions, determining if increases in learning occur, or even understanding what methods works better than others are relatively unknown without a broader base of research (Lawless & Pellegrino, 2007). Evaluating professional development requires the content of the professional development be examined and to determine if the training had an impact on teaching and learning (Lawless & Pellegrino, 2007). The trend away from quick, one time technology based workshops supports the belief the best professional development activities happen over time and instructors are given time to follow-up, question, and relate to pedagogy (Lawless & Pellegrino, 2007). Faculty bias and perceptions of professional development has been very slow to change (Nicholls, 2001). Teaching with technology integrated has also been a slow adoption process for instructors
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