Long Term Effects Of Molestation In Children

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This act often refers to children, because they are an easy target. It happens to approximately two out of four children. Today, in our modern society, the act of molestation is easily preventable. According to a simple Google search, molestation is known as a sexual assault or abuse of a person, especially a woman or child. There is also a second simple Google search saying this is the action of pestering or harassing someone in an aggressive or persistent manner. The distinction of molestation and rape is that rape is far more brutally motivated and violent, where molestation is sinister and occurs over periods of time, typically. Molestation is the sexually motivated act of forcing physical, emotional, and mental perversions onto unwilling persons and causes a long term effect.
Molestation goes unnoticed in children and young adults due to children being too traumatized to admit they are being or have been molested. When children experience molestation at a young age, they will start to act to act out in school and at home. When children are molested at a young age it can cause them to engage in violent behaviors towards other kids. They can start plenty of fights during school which will eventually lead them to being kicked out of school. Another way they can act out is during …show more content…

There are plenty of places that offer counseling to children that are suffering with the abuse to try and prevent alcohol or drug abuse, but for some cases it is very hard to pay for these counseling classes. Many insurances do not cover the treatment costs and those treatments will need to be paid for out of pocket. In some cases, there are many families who will not be able to pay out of pocket for said

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