Long-Term Effects Of Teen Bullying

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According to, over 3.2 million teens are bullied every year. But I’m not just here to talk about teen bullying, I’m talking about the long term effects on all of those 3.2 million teens after being bullied at a young age. According to, the first effect out of many is as follows:

“Where the first ugly outcome of bullying unfolds rather immediately in the form of a wounded self-concept, the second ugly outcome unfolds more slowly over time. Having a wounded self-concept makes it harder for you to believe in yourself, and when you have difficulty believing in yourself, you will tend to have a harder time persevering through difficult situations and challenging circumstances.”

This is bad because it can can affect the victim’s entire future negatively. It can cause trouble in
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It would seem that not enough is being done about the bullies, because obviously many people are being affected if so many of my classmates feel that way.

Mainly though, I am here to talk about the before mentioned effects that bullying inflicted on my classmates(and teens worldwide). There were multiple effects that they said still last today. They include cutting(of the wrists, arms, legs), feeling unsafe at school/home, having nightmares about the bullying situation they were in, and contemplated suicide. As you can tell, these are all very severe effects that nobody should have to deal with on a daily basis, no matter who they are.

I think that these effects in particular showcase how bad of an issue bullying is. Self harm is a very serious thing, and I feel like schools have the power to stop these people from being hurt and hurting themselves. In my opinion, there should be harsher consequences for people who bully others. That way, they might rethink their decisions more seriously, and less people would be
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