Long Term Effects of Children of Addictive Parents

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PSY 281: Developmental Psychology 24 November 2012 Long Term Effects of Children of Addictive Parents Nothing makes a child grow up faster than having a parent who is addicted to drugs. A child of an addicted parent has no choice but to act as an adult. These children are often left alone and when they aren’t alone, their addicted parent is usually passed out in a drug induced stupor; leaving the child to fend for themselves and/or their siblings. Does having a drug addicted parent have an effect on a child’s emotional development? If so, does this form of abuse that is recognized in the category of neglect have a long lasting effect on the child into adulthood? A child of an addict is constantly exposed to risks more so…show more content…
The real question should be why is this still an issue especially with all the advances made in society, why is child maltreatment the worst in the United States when we are supposed to be the greatest country in the world? Once a child or teen has been taken away from an abusive home, they are usually placed in foster care if there are no relatives to provide a safe home for the child. Once the known abused child is placed in foster care the unfortunate truth is that after they are registered in the system it is quite easy for the child’s case to get lost and slip through the cracks of that same foster care system that was developed to assist them. The child then becomes a victim once again adding to the lasting psychological effect the child will have for the rest of his/her life. This leads back to the original question; does having a drug addicted parent have an effect on a child’s emotional development? Well, maybe! The truth is that a child that is maltreated or neglected will certainly have emotional repercussions whether the parent is addicted to drugs or just a bad parent. I can speak of the causes of being raised by an addicted parent because I was a victim and to some extent, I still am a victim. I grew up to be a relatively healthy adult. I never used drugs, never smoked a cigarette and was a decent student. I did however become pregnant at the age of 17 but handled it very maturely. For the most part I was able to reflect
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