Long Term National Security Policy

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Long-term national security issues do not garner the same attention that headline grabbing, short-term national security issues such as an air strike a high value target associated with a terrorist act does. But the importance of having a strong long-term national security policy is important to the safety of Americans and the security of its interests at home and abroad. US geostrategy and that of her adversaries should be analyzed and taken into account. Adverse effects from geopolitical turmoil can negatively affect long-term homeland security strategy as well as the health and vibrancy of the US economy. Current Long-Range National Security Issues: Geostrategy, Economic and Technological, and Homeland Security With Russia’s recent move into Syria, the US is left scratching its head as to what to do about Putin, Assad, US-backed Syrian rebels, and Iran’s involvement in the melee. Until recently, the United States efforts in Syria have been focused on training “moderate” rebels in a bid to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and neutralize the ever-growing threat that ISIS poses. Russia’s recent air strikes in the region, coupled with the inevitable Iranian ground invasion, severely hamper US plans in the Syria. The effect this will have on US influence in the region is an issue, as well as what the eventual post-conflict results will have on US interests and allies in the region, particularly Israel. US geopolitical strategy notwithstanding, the cumulative
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