Long Term Space Flight

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Space Research Paper

Effects of Long Term Space Flight
The topic of my Sci-fi paper is going to be about the creation of a colony on mars in the future that utilizes water on mars and fusion reactions for energy that are powered by the mining of helium on the moon. The three definitions that I will include about space propulsion and orbital mechanics are the effect of long term space flight, antimatter, and space elevators. The three definitions that I will include about sun and space weather are aurora, solar wind, and the magnetosphere. The three definitions that I will include about planetary characteristics are the atmosphere of Mars, the atmosphere of Saturn, and the composition of the moon.
Humans have always been driven to explore the unknown and venture into the newest frontier. In this age of unparalleled scientific progress, the newest frontier which we explore has become the space beyond our atmosphere. Just as North America was pursued by western explorers several hundred years ago for its potential resources and promise of freedom, so is space being explored today. As the earths environmental conditions continue to dwindle, finding a way for humans to survive in space may prove
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During space travel, there is no significant gravitational force to load the body such as there is on earth. When there is no force constantly acting on a person, having a strong skeletal system is less necessary and during flight a person’s body will adapt to this. Space travel leads to significant bone loss. Bones will release calcium which weakens bones and causes other problems related to calcium deposits such as kidney stones. A person’s bones are prone to fractures both during and after the mission. Without the load of gravity, the spine becomes elongated which causes significant back pain, and can can cause intervertebral discs to become misaligned
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