Long Time To Get Rid Of Pain Essay

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You wake up from yet another night of tossing and turning in your sleep. The thought of a good night’s rest is completely foreign to you. The pain is there, like an old friend that you can’t get rid of. Always there, doesn’t leave your side. Doesn’t leave any part of you, the pain is all over. It’s always present. Most days you can pretend you’re not in pain to the outside world, most days you can pretend that you are normal. But you think, what is normal? You think, what could I have been if I didn’t have this chronic pain? You could have been an actor, a doctor, a lawyer. Your mom always told you that you were smart enough to be a lawyer, but the pain makes it difficult to concentrate long enough to do much studying or memorizing.
You tell yourself that you have to get out of bed and get ready for class. The thought gets you anxious. Class is exhausting and you’re a mess, so you keep staring up towards your ceiling and glimpsing at your walls. To keep you positive one of your walls is filled with pictures of family and friends, your support system, one of the pictures sticks out to you, it’s the night that you and your best friend had gone out to the bars and partied the night away.

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You quickly grabbed a short dress from your closet, but because of how self-conscious you are you had to put leggings underneath it. People always tell you that you have a nice body, but you don’t believe them, your body feels like it is falling apart, how can it be nice? Though your hair is thinner than average, you can straighten it pretty fast. Best to be positive when the going gets tough, right? You barely know how to say “contouring,” let alone know how to do that to your face, so instead you did very simple smoky eye makeup that you learned from YouTube in 10th grade, didn’t look the best, but it was fine. The club was dark enough that it didn’t make as long as you had mascara on and some alcohol in
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