Long Vacation Essay

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How Do You Propose to Spend the Long Vacation? For the last few months, I had been passing through a nightmare. The spectra of the examination haunted my days. Now it is over, I have returned to my village home, with a heavy load off my mind, and with the intense relief that it has brought me, there has come to me something else, - not a nightmare, but a problem. How indeed am I going to pass this long, long vacation? For the first few days, of course, I propose to do nothing; I will drink the cup of idleness to the less. I will do nothing but laze and loiter and lounge. For life suddenly seems to have come to a standstill with me. I am now nobody’s slave. I am duty-free. I can get up when I like and go to bed when I please. I can spend the time in careless gossip or profitless game. I enjoy the luxury of laziness like a pampered prince. I waste my hours like an extravagant king. But I know that this idle life can be delightful only a short period. For a healthy man, it is demoralizing if it is indulged to an excess. A short spell of idleness after month of labor is, I feel, an allow-able indulgence. But after that I must do something. And here is the problem. Sometimes I think of going out on travel with one or two enthusiastic, friends. But it is summer: the very ideal of traveling in the scorching tropical heat is…show more content…
Our income is small, and we must make a little go a long way, so long, too much attention had been given to fiction and drama. Certainly these are not to be neglected. But greater attention must be paid to economics and politics of our country, to knowledge of the new civilizations that are growing up in Russia and china, to the popular sciences, and above all to books that tell us about ourselves, our problems and our achievements. We mean to make the library the center of a vital intellectual life which will make us all think intelligently of problems of the
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