Long-term Effects of European Colonization on Africa Essay

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Africa has had a long and tumultuous road of colonization and decolonization the rush to colonize Africa started in the 17th century with the discovery of the vast amounts of gold, diamonds, and rubber with colonization hitting a fever pitch during World War I. However, the repercussions of colonization have left deep wounds that still remain unhealed in the 21st century. Early on, European nations such as Britain, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany and Belgium scrambled for territories. Countries wanted land so they could harvest the resources, increase trade, and gain power. The European colonization of Africa brought racism, civil unrest, and insatiable greed; all of which have had lasting impacts on Africa. Along with the power of…show more content…
The Natives Land Act passed in 1913, barred whites and Africans from owning land in the same area. Africans, who made up two-thirds of the population, were given only 7.5 percent of the land while whites, who were the minority, were given the majority (92.5 percent) of the land to own (The Kwaito Generation, 2010). Apartheid, which means separateness, was officially declared in 1948 even though separateness had been happening all along. The racial atrocities continued into the 1950’s as facilities became segregated under the Reservation of Separate Amenities. Most of the time, the segregated facilities were sub-standard. August of 2005 brought about the “official” end of apartheid’s separateness. However, the practice of racism has been hard to change. Stereotypes still exist while Africans strive for equality after centuries of oppression. In April 2010, police had to use barbed wire to separate Africans and whites outside of a courthouse in South Africa that were rioting as two murderers appeared for the first time in public. These murderers were accused of murdering an extremely conservative, white supremacist leader over a wage dispute. Ironically, the slain leader, Eugene Terreblanche, had been convicted of attempted murder and served only three years and fours months for the charge in 1996. Racial tensions remain very high as whites learn to overcome the prejudicial tendencies that have been imprinted within them. The colonization of Africa started a disastrous
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