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Longboarding is an offshoot of street skating, but, like all board sports, its roots lie in surfing. Developed as a single sport on the west coast in the 1950s, by the 1990s, Longboards and Skateboards branched off into their respective disciplines. With the right setup, a longboard can give the feeling of surfing on hard smooth surfaces. There are a variety of riding styles: downhill, cruising and carving, slalom, dancing, freeriding, vert and sliding.[citation needed] A longboard generally can be as short or as long as the rider desires; the most popular range is about 36 to 60 inches. As well as being usually longer than a standard skateboard, longboards may also be equipped with larger, softer wheels which afford a smoother ride.…show more content…
Wider trucks with lower pivot angles (to increase stability at the expense of turning capability) may be used as well as axle bearings that rotate independently of wheel bearings to further increase top speed. (Note; this theory is disputed and many people believe that axle bearings are not beneficial to speed, but are beneficial in the rare case of bearing failure[citation needed]). A new type of downhill truck was invented by Jim Ziemlanski of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada that incorporates the use of a spherical bearing on the kingpin which allows the hanger to pivot on a precise axis without any of the slop caused by bushings compressing under the weight of the rider. Downhill longboarders sometimes use leather suits and streamlined helmets to protect themselves as well as reduce aerodynamic drag. Variations of setups include: Drop Decks are characterized by a riding platform that is lower than the mounting point of the trucks. This configuration is more stable (less susceptible to wobbling) and easier to control during a slide, but sacrifices traction and turning capabilities due to the board's lowered center of gravity and decreased leverage over the trucks. Examples of this style of board include: Landyachtz DH Race, Landyachtz Switch, and the Rayne Nemesis. Drop-through Decks have holes machined between the truck mounting hardware so that the baseplate can be mounted to the top of the board. This is probably the most popular method of
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