Longer Passing Period Essay

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In a recent survey 81% of students reported they were late to class because the passing period was too short and they either had to use the restroom or there class is too far away. Students should be able to have longer passing periods for restroom usage, and to have a little nutritional snack before the next class. If students had more time, they’d have time to get prepared for the next class. Lastly there would be less detention slips given out. Since they are so short students are upset because they are tardy and have to go to detention.

Students should be able to have longer passing periods for restroom usage, and to also have a snack. According to Jacqueline Hatfield “ I would like a longer passing period because I don’t think 2 minutes is long enough for people to use the bathroom and
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In the article Is Time On Your Side? by Breanna Muses she states “On one hand it will be better on both students and teachers. Both would be more ready and prepared. Teachers would have more time to breath and prepare for the next class, especially if it’s a different grade level” (2). If you have a little more time before the next class, students will be able to have time to study. Also to get everything ready, by taking out notes or getting a project together. By doing this they will be able to get in the right mindset and be prepared.

If students were not late to class, they would be able to go do their extra curricular activities after school. In the article Longer Passing Periods, by Jason Li “ Not only would there be fewer detentions, but citizenship grades would improve”. Many teachers count tardiness when grading citizenship. It’s not fair to students that have to walk all the way across campus and still need to get ready for the next class. If they had more time there will be less detentions. Also citizenship grading will go
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