Longer School Days Essay

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Longer School Days

Schools are so much a part of our society, so the accurate length of school days is extremely important. Public opinions on the length of the school days are different. There are a lot of parents and professors concerned that it is hard for children to go to school early in the morning and stay there the whole day. On the other side, some professors try to force students into a nine hour school day. Not so many years ago, school was a main part of my life, and the school days’ structure and length affected my social life and ability to study. From my own experience and some studies that I have seen, students benefit if school days are long.

Lengthened school days help to create a supportive
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According to a report from the New York City district, a school that received funds for longer days fared better on standardized tests. This school had seven percent more students scoring at or above grade level in reading, when two other schools had increases of five and six percent. In math, three percent of students scored at or above grade level in a school with a longer day, compared with one percent for a low performing school and an average of one percent for other schools (Brett 1). This information is one example of many studies that illustrate that long school days have a great positive impact on school performance. The main school goals are improving students’ knowledge and building different skills that will help them in the future. Therefore, if longer school days support these educational goals, people should be concerned about improving schools by lengthening the day.

Following parents’ demands and school needs, some schools want a longer day. DeKalb middle school in Atlanta already offers after-school enrichment programs and wants to offer all students the extra hours of instruction. Marion Anders, executive director for DeKalb middle school, is doing some things to reform the school. He is working on educational programs, where students spend at list five hours per day in core academic subjects. Also, he asks for additional funds to pay teachers extra to tutor low-achieving students in reading and math (Madison 16). Therefore, some

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