Longmire Recital Hall Concert Report

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I have never been to a recital of this sort, I assumed the venue would be large and there would be people singing and playing different instruments. The venue was actually small and there was only a piano. I was surprised that the crowd was so small being that the concert was at Florida State University, I assumed there would be a great number of people. The Longmire Recital Hall was small and the seating was arranged like movie theater seating. The lighting was very low; there was only enough lighting to see the pianist. Since this was my first time attending a recital of this sort I was confused as to why the pianist had to bow before each piece, or how long the audience applauded after each performance. Performers for this event were David Kalhous and Jihye Chang. David is a brilliant pianist, who is now gaining recognition in Europe and the United Stated for his elegant musicianship. Jihye Chang is also a pianist, who serves as an adjunct professor of music theory at Florida State University.
The first piece Po zarostlém chodníčku (On an Overgrown Path) was very soft it was a great way to open up the recital. It was smooth and steady, and enjoyable to listen to. The meter for this piece is duple…

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