Look At The Dark Side Of The Moon

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Look at the dark side of the Moon: The Crucible research paper The human race had never seen the dark side of the moon until the astronauts traveled out to space. In our world, there are a lot of things that are invisible like the dark side of the moon. Some of these objects are under one’s nose, veiled in mystery and apathy of the people. These objects that are missed, gives the viewers a whole different image when it is seen from a particular angle. These unconsciously ignored components of the play are like an ore of a diamond. The Crucible by Arthur Miller can be analyzed under three different literary lenses; Historical, psychoanalytical, and archetypal lenses put its focal point on various ideas, which will able the readers to perceive the features from different areas. These components allow advanced understanding for the observers. Without knowing the historical information about the author, The Crucible seems like a very intense soap opera. History has been affecting the plot, background, and even the characters of the play. The historical lens is a literacy theory based on the idea that literature should be studied and interpreted within the context of both the history of the author and the history of the critic. Historical lens puts its spotlight on the background and connection with the real world, which structures the storyline. It can be checked from a dialogue between characters or even in a background setting of the scene. For instance, slavery and

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