Look Back Into Anger By John Osborne

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Concept of Kitchen Sink Realism and Angry Young Man in Look Back in Anger

Introduction of Look Back in Anger

The play Look Back in Anger (1956) is written by John Osborne. The play is actually a love triangle involving an educated young man of working class origin Jimmy Porter, his upper-middle-class wife Alison, and her haughty best friend Helena Charles. Cliff, who is a true friend to both Jimmy and Alison, and attempts to keep the peace. The play was a huge success on the stage, and initiated the term "angry young men" to describe Osborne and those of his generation who employed this harshness of realism in the theatre.

Look Back in Anger is thoroughly an autobiographical play in one respect. The hero Jimmy, is deeply involved in “class-war”, in a same way as the author was. It also contains some parts Osborne 's earlier life, for example the wrenching speech of seeing a loved one die, was a replay of the death of Osborne 's father, Thomas. The play is best remembered for, though, are Jimmy 's attacks, he is the main speaker in the play and most of the dialogues are given to Jimmy. Many dialogues directed against the female characters, and this is a very distinct echo of the playwright 's uneasy relationship with women, starting with his own mother, Nellie Beatrice, described by Osborne in his autobiography.
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