Looking After Baby in Home-based Care

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Home based care is where the baby is looked after in a home environment, whether it’s a child minders home or their own home. The welfare and safety of the baby must be of most importance, the practitioner must ensure all the toys and play equipment are suitable for the baby depending on their age and ability and that all the toys are safe with no choking hazards. Maintaining professional relationships with the parents and the baby is essential as without a good bond with the child they wont feel safe with the practitioner, the relationship with the parents is important to ensure that information is shared correctly between the practitioner and the parent so that they are aware of any changes in the baby or the baby’s needs. Positive…show more content…
Care routines also help the practitioner to know what has been done and what needs doing next. In most early year’s settings, babies are assigned to a key worker, a key worker forms good relationships with the baby and their parents and are responsible for getting to know the child personally and knowing their abilities, needs and preferences and then each key worker creates individual learning plans for each baby. Key workers must observe the baby regularly and record information about the baby to plan appropriate activities to push them to the next level of development. Key workers are also important when communicating and sharing information with parents and carers, and when necessary, other professionals. This is important as the key worker will know the child better than others within the setting and will be aware of all development areas and issues that may affect the baby’s development or behaviour. Key workers should be able to gain the trust of the baby and the parents so that they can come to the key worker with any problems, if the baby trusts the key worker they will have a positive relationships and the baby will be settled and comfortable around them. If the baby is comfortable in the setting and trusts the key worker and other practitioners he will be confident and will try new things in order to develop further. Care routines include day to day tasks this is a good way of supporting a baby’s overall development. Nappy
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