Looking At College As A Subculture

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Introduction: The topic I choose to do my term project on was looking at college as a subculture. The definition of subculture is a cultural group within a large culture. These groups often have similar beliefs or interests. Everybody who attends college and be put into a category of a subculture. Even if you attend college and do not associate with anyone, you’re still place in a subculture group. But I didn’t just look at students who attend college. For my research I first observed four different students. Two students I observed were from the states. One student was from the Dominican Republic, and the last student was from Gambia which is located in Africa. I conducted most of my research at Penn State of Schuylkill and part of my…show more content…
It lead to suspicion in my eyes, but further investigation lead me to believe that it is just easy for them to communicate amongst one another. It is what comes naturally to them. This also occurs when I was studying the male student from Gambia. There was one point in my observations where he answered the phone and started speaking to the person in his native language. Both students were bilingual, which was very interesting when it comes to somebody who isn’t familiar with it. They tend to group themselves around people who speak or understand their language. Another theory that I incorporated with my research was functionalism. “To study the function of a social activity is to analyze the contribution that the activity makes to the continuation of the society as a whole” (Giddens, Duneier, Appelbaum, and Carr, 2013, p. 19). Each student has an effect on the community and society we are involved in. The student from my area seeks to major in IST and become a person to shut down invaders of the government’s internet. The student from Upper Dauphin seeks to major in Criminal Justice and become a probation officer. The other two students from outside countries are undecided with what they want to do but still contribute to this society just by being here. Their presence brings a different look on society and shows
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