Looking At Cultural Relativism, By John Ross Essay

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Looking at cultural relativism, you get a better understanding of the world. Just because something may seem weird it doesn’t always mean it’s wrong. When you get closer to the situation, you become aware of why a culture does a certain ritual or acts a certain way. In light of everything, you find that what they do is not weird at all but rather a way of living within that specific culture.
An example of this from the readings would be the Innuit. The Innuit make their home in the isolated land of Greenland all the way to Alaska. They have a very primitive way of living and have adapted to the cold icy climate. They have a nickname that is better known universally and that would be the term eskimo. In 1577, John Ross, an explorer, came across a group of Innuit hunters. The Innuit were very fascinated with Ross’s ship and they strangely dressed people on the ship. But what they found to be most shocking was the amount of wood that made up the ship and the furniture on the ship.
The hunters thought that is was ridiculous or weird that the strange men have that much wood. The hunters that Ross had came across was from Greenland, a place that had little to no wood, therefore they were not used to seeing that much wood in one place. Everything they do is centered around ice, even their homes are made out of ice. So we cannot really judge them on thinking that Ross and his men were some type of aliens. They did not know better, for all they knew, they had been the only ones on

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