Looking At The Angel Capital Group

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Angel investors are another way to start a business, like banks and venture capitalists. It is their job to invest, they just have different evaluations to make an investment worth their attention. Looking at the Angel Capital Group will expose the evaluations they use, and give ideas weather or not an angel investor is right for the business one seeks to have funded (Angel Capital Group, 2015). Understanding their proximity, value, experience and other factors will help define what the angel investor is all about (Bell, 2007). Putting other factual information together along with what the angel is and what they are looking for will give a picture of what the possibilities are for this type of endeavor. Where is the angel investor and where is the business? The angel wants to feel close to the business, at least, if not be right next door so they can check in easily (Bell, 2007). Just like mom can be a pain because she knows so much about her baby, the angel wants to make sure you are healthy and on a righteous path. They are here to help the business grow and become all it can be, and have an interest in giving the entrepreneur help to do just that (Angel Capital Group, 2015). They can help with contacts, advertising, legal aspects, and many other things that might be harder to get at all by oneself. Why trust an angel investor, and what can they bring to the dinner table? The top three people at Angel Capital Group have a combined history of 20 years plus directly

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