Looking At What Cloud Computing?

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This purpose of this research report is to look at what cloud computing actually means in the business environment and how cloud computing’s used as a partial or complete replacement of organizational traditional system architecture could impact the prevailing organizational culture. This report will also help us understand the likelihood of cloud computing adoption in organizations as it’s relates to a particular holistic corporate culture model. The findings can support a convincing argument on why businesses should adopt a cloud computing strategy. Keywords: cloud computing, organizational culture, cloud adoption, cloud computing in organizational structures. Cloud Computing 101 The National Institute of Standards and Technology…show more content…
Resource Pooling-implying that the resources provided is coming from a shared pool. Rapid Elasticity-implying the resource provision can both grow and shrink depending on the demand of the consumer. Measured Service-we are at least aware of the resources being consumed and possibly the basis for metrics or charge back. Broad Network Access-resources are available from an easily consumable interface, such as a web browser. Next the business takes supported business processes such as applications, platforms and infrastructure “off-site” and replaces them in part/total with any of the 3 on-demand cloud service models: SAAS (Software as a Service)-applications or services to support business processes with all essential characteristics. PAAS (Platform as a Service)-technology platform to allow applications or services to run against. IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)-service and storage available with all essential characteristics. Finally, the business chooses how these cloud services are delivered to the organization via 4 deployment models: Private Cloud- cloud infrastructure is owned or leased by a single organization and operated solely for that single organization. Community Cloud- cloud infrastructure shared with a finite number of organizations. Public Cloud- cloud infrastructure is consumed outside of a data center and is part of resource pool shared by any number of
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