Looking Back At The Beginning Of Last Year, Life Was Not

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Looking back at the beginning of last year, life was not the best for me. At the time I was going through the transition of moving back from my previous college back to my home in Miami, Florida. Disappointed, at how I did not push myself enough to succeed in my foregoing college, I came to question what I should do now. Everything felt so rushed, the control I had on it was nonexistent. I, like an audience in a movie theater sitting back and watching my life unfold in front of me. Eventually as time went on I decided the best thing to do, is fix myself. I found myself a job at the Grand Beach Hotel in Surfside, Florida as a hostess at the restaurant and everything changed since then. My job helped me become a better individual by showing…show more content…
Then, before I knew it words kept flowing out, felt uncomfortable at first, but as time went on I found myself being more at ease. Learning how to show guests mutual respect and show more enthusiasm helped, and opened up to people doing what I never thought I would be capable of ever doing.
During my time working at the hotel I had an epiphany; I learned the beauty in change. What led to my realization is a guest I encountered on a Friday morning would say something that I would never forget. Arriving at work I walk towards the podium, I had to stand to greet as well as take guest to their tables. While cleaning my station a woman around her late 80’s appeared I remember her skin being pale as white clouds passing uncovering the sun. As she approached me, I checked the time 6:30 AM the shiny red clock showed back to me. I thought “Well she’s an early bird.” Looking back at her, she passed right by me and went directly towards a seat. I as one of my responsibilities in my job I had to go up to her to ask for her room information despite her ignoring me completely. Hurried over to approach her being a little irritated that she did not acknowledge me, I asked her “Good morning Ma’am do you have a room number?” Suddenly, she lifts up her head, smiles and says “You cannot control anything, can you?” The words baffled me completely, smiling I respond in a jokingly manner “I sure try to at least” laughing, she responded “It was a rhetorical
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