Looking Back On This Past Semester

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Looking back on this past semester, I feel that I have had several good papers, and several decent papers. Each paper of mine had drawbacks, but each paper had strengths as well. All in all, I feel that it was a good semester for me, and that I grew as a writer. In my first paper, I manage to keep my summaries clear and concise, while still maintaining the page count. While I feel that it is not my best piece, it certainly is not my worst. In my second paper, I feel that I managed to give my stance on the topic clearly even though I do not have a clear cut stance on it. I feel that if I had devoted more time to this paper, it would have become much better than it ended up being. In my third paper, I feel that I backed up my claims with evidence from the book, and that that comes through in my usage of quotes. In my fourth and favorite paper, a multigenre paper, I go over whether or not Shakespeare should be taught in high-school in the form of a concerto. Starting with a slow movement, my argumentative piece, I quickly build into a crescendo using my double voice, as well as repentend. My first paper, a Summary and response paper based on the American dream, was a decent paper in that I showed the issues and opinions concisely, as well as fluidly. I feel that my use of quotes was eloquently done, and that all of the quotes that I used pertained to the subject matter in an easy-to-follow way. This was not my favorite paper of the semester, and I feel that that is reflected in
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