Looking Beyond a Broken Glass

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Hope is something admirable to hold in times of adversity and struggle. But when neglect is placed to a certain race, group, ethnicity , or even gender. Many may start to lose faith and fall victims to a false illusions ; comprising with problems that affect themselves and the community. For example, an individual is unable to in vision their true beauty beyond a shattered mirror. In contrast, citizens that have been oppressed by outdated governmental constitutional law and rules begin to lose confidence and don't see positive prospects beyond the present. Exemplified here by Dr. Dashti, “Individuals who have the cultural habituate of blaming, attacking and are cynical, do not want to move toward the future; rather, they want to…show more content…
Her involvement with working with Lebanese refugees from 1982, gender equity, and human rights have helped her win several prestigious humanitarian awards. In May 2010, she won the North-South award along with Mikhail Gorbachev that recognizes exceptional work in solidarity. Likewise, I am planning to have a career in the health field and be actively involved with the community; she would be a great individual to work with. Undoubtedly, involving more people to supporting change and peace in society can contribute a difference in many lives. In a modern technology world we can utilize the social media forms to spread equity and human rights messages. Facebook, Myspace, and Youtube are a great tools to utilize as it can get a broad audience and many from the young generation that will be the future leaders. Freedom of expression has helped Dr. Dashti make changes in the government, voting rights, and woman’s equity. It should not be taken lightly and be respected to all individuals. Only if we could have listened more to Kareem's blogging story in 2006 might have we had a chance to prevent all those who got injured from the Egyptian protest. This an example that shows how freedom of expression by an individual can have a strong impact. If we take time to listen and understand everybody's problems and reasoning not wait for a majority or power group to decide. We can learn to cooperate and work together as a global community in order
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