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Are you looking for a creative project that 's fun, easy and fairly quick? Tie dying is a great activity for the whole family! The wonderful thing about tie dye is that you can 't really mess it up and anyone can do it. Here are the things you 'll need to gather before getting started:

Fabric to dye. You can dye t-shirts, bandannas, shorts, socks, underwear...whatever you 'd like, as long as your fabric is 100% cotton, rayon, or other natural fiber, otherwise the dye won 't hold. Inexpensive cotton t-shirts are perfect for beginners. You should pre-wash them to remove any finishes on the cloth that might interfere with the dying process. Dye to color your fabric. The three primary colors for tie dye are fuchsia, yellow and turquoise. Other colors can be achieved by mixing two or three of these together, for example, fuchsia and yellow will give you orange. You can buy individual supplies but if this is your first time dying, I recommend a tie dye kit. You can get them in most stores that offer craft supplies or order them online. I 've used the Tulip Dye Kits for birthday parties and the shirts turned out beautifully. My dyes of choice however, are Procion MX dyes. You can order kits online through stores such as Dharma Trading Company. I do not recommend using RIT dyes. I 've found them to be very messy and the colors run and fade quickly. Soda ash to pre-soak your shirts in. Some kits have it included. If not, you can find soda ash, (aka sodium carbonate); at
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