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For this paper I chose to look for a peer review study that I could relate to. There are a lot of things that we grow up around and don 't really notice the impact that happens around us. I am a science major in college so I have been doing experiments a long time. After reading this study I was very intrigued about how they conducted and executed their experiment in this study. I the article I read was “ An Avenue for Challenging Sexism: Examining the High School Sociology Classroom.” This article was very interesting to me. I went to a small school so we didn 't have sociology classes. It is very interesting to see their approach to teaching about gender. In this paper I will be examining the purpose and goal of this article.
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I see how it can dramatically impact the learning on students in a sociology course especially the teaching about gender. It hard to give a hands off teaching perspective on gender fluidity if you are so gender focused on one side.
There were three different results to this study. The first one was the teacher 's stance on gender inequality and how they based their teaching decisions off of this factor if they were gender blind or gender focused. They found it very hard to talk about women and women 's issues in their history classes but they were able to discuss it better in their sociology electives that they taught. The last thing that they discovered about this study was how it was important to teach a sociology class in high school to teach the kids about sexism and gender stratification. I think this last theme is very important to educate our youth on today. A lot has been happening in the last view years with the women and gender. I know if my school had a sociology class it would have cut down a lot of the gender ignorance and negativity that especially arises in small communities like where I grew up.
The impact of the elective in the schools where it was taught was very good. Students got to ask the questions about gender in a safe area where they were not to be ridiculed and can discusses the impacts it has had on our society. They found it was easier to talk about gender boundaries and sexism to students. They also broke down the cultural
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