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A young man that desires to help people actually goes broke without shame. His passion is to see that he made a difference in someone's life. He doesn't ask for anything in return. As long as he see that they are happy then he is happy. His country seems to be a poor country. It looks like he lives in Bangkok, Thailand. A region that a high rate of poverty. There is a lack of education which prevents children from learning and pursuing college degrees. This would give opportunity to have a better quality of life. The people that live there truly have to work extra hard to make a living. Most of the people have a side hustle that may include selling things by the road side. Such as artifacts and food. I actually see this allot in foreign countries.…show more content…
It makes you feel better as a person inside to carry happiness and pass it on. It also gives you inner strength as a person to try your best.. Going an extra mile or out of you way to help someone will always give you a better feeling about yourself . It's all because you are helping with a passion to see others happy. Also Karma is true. Whatever measurements you meet the same will be added to you. This is a very powerful message that the speaker is giving to the audience. A man that does his best at helping people in his community and does not want anything in return but happiness and to see others…show more content…
It realty shouldn't take much put of a person to help others. Although the video didn't show one of life's greatest friend (Karma) which is basically. What goes around comes back around. This would have been a great scene to add in the video. To show the audience that helping others will always return to you. Instead it showed a man that wanted to give to people and did not want anything in return. This video took a total turn that I wasn't expecting. This is a story of a kind and humble man. That wants nothing in return but peace. This message could also be trying to encourage others to become more generous. But we all know in today's society , this is pretty much nonexistence. There is so much violence going on in today's world. So many people want to be the chief and filled with pride. Then there are some that just wants to be heard. But the High Seat is not looking around to see the bigger picture, and how it is affecting families. Plenty countries in this world needs help with educational funding, housing development, and employment opportunities. We all know that the government ,or High Seat has the will to help the countries and communities with their financial struggles. It all starts off with basic foundation of success. No education, no future career goals, no life. Instead very few people are taking matters into their own hands, such as the man in the video. Doesn't really look like he
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