Looking For Alibrandi Identity Analysis

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Looking for Alibrandi is a true story focused on and about Josephine Alibrandi who finds many struggles of day to day life to fit in, it displays Josie in the novel to struggle with finding her own identity in society, it is her last year of school so it makes it even tougher. It’s set in Sydney’s eastern suburbs where there are many people who have cultural backgrounds, for Josie she’s of an Australian-Italian decent. Josie’s father never knew his daughter, she always dreamt of what he’d be like. She got a scholarship in an expensive private school to get a good education that she could barely afford and of course it was full of rich Australians who’s were snobs to what they called Wogs. Throughout this intriguing novel she learns to cope with cultural differences from everyone else and how her life changes. She wants to be free “I’ll run. Run for my life. To be free and think for myself. Not as an Australian and not as an Italian and
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She wanted to get away from her embarrassing and old Italian background family and become herself. I believe that Josie has a lot of issues with self-worth and pride, she doesn’t really want to fit in as something she wants to free, that’s her choice but when people are trying to force things upon her and prohibit her freedom then it can cause problems for not only herself but her friends and family. Throughout the story you see how this changes and she becomes to find her own identity. It is important that teens should feel as if they fit in to society and feel comfortable before they reach adulthood. This movie really tells the audience, mainly teenagers, to just be themselves and it will all work out in the end. It gives them hope and courage to carry along the journey to find their identity until they are fully comfortable in their own skin.
By Jadyn Elsworthy
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