Looking For Books For Business Classes

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I went to the school store to buy books and I approached one of the student sellers and asked for help. She first asked me how she could help me. I then told her I was looking for books for business classes, so she directed me to the business section of the store. She then asked me what the CRN was. I told her the CRN and she found the book. She then asked if I was buying the book today, but I could not buy the book because it was more expensive than I thought. I told her not today because of that reason. She then gave me the alternate option, which was to buy the book online for a cheaper price. So I listened to her advice and brought the book online. This to me was a great interaction because she didn’t let me leave without knowing all my options, she answer all of my questions, and helped me right away when I approached her. She used most of the selling sequence.
Today I went to Walmart to buy a laptop fan because I notice my laptop overheated a lot. I went to the electronic section and I was approached by a man and his name tag said Larry. He first asked “how can I help you today?” He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the product I was asking for. He asked me the price range I was looking to buy in, and the size and brand of my computer. I told him and he suggested a laptop fan that is ran by just plugging into the laptop USB port. He suggested the “Tripp Lite NC2003SR Laptop Cooling Pad with 2 Built-In USB-Powered Fans”. He said since my laptop was bigger I

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