Looking For New Business Opportunities

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Capstone Project Looking for new business opportunities to see the continual growth of our firm is tricky, A suggestion, perhaps we consider a developing country to do business? Would the firm consider importing frozen scallops from Peru and then redistributing here in the United States or exporting to other countries in demand of the good? The United States demand for this type of mollusks is starting to hit unprecedented numbers in the past few years. Americans are consuming scallops and we just don’t have enough. Even U.S. fisheries with boats catching this species and fishing companies that have scallop farms can’t keep up with demand, we continue to import scallops more than we catch here at home. Also the fact that they have a comparative advantage in producing seafood is my main reason for suggesting this country to do business with. “United States imports more than 80% of goods” (useconomy). Due to the large number of imports in the United States, I present to you a good that not only tangible, but consumption of the good is very high. This paper will explain why we should import from Peru and take advantage of the scallop exporting businesses in Peru. Peru is home to Machu Pichu, tasteful cuisine, and comparative advantage galore. Peru is located geographically in heaven. Their climate and uniqueness in the country allows them to have comparative advantage. Peru is very fruitful in minerals throughout the country. Mining is the leading export. Due to the pacific
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