Looking For Trans Wonderland By Noo Saro Wiwa

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Have you ever desired to return back to your childhood neighborhood? Might you wonder how much it’s changed since you were last there? If your answer is somewhere in the state of Kansas, it could possibly be argued. Might you perhaps change your mind if the place you grew up in was the country of Nigeria? Though it might sound exotic; a rowdy airport, littered streets, malfunctioning transportation and a possibility of access to water are just some of the matters you might come to expect on your vacation get-a-way. For some, it’s deemed to be the last tourist spot on many if any travelers bucket list.
I have chosen to review the book Looking for Trans wonderland by Author Noo Saro-Wiwa, whom as a little girl briefly grew up in a modest home in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria, yet shortly thereafter found herself growing up midst the privileged in the upscale of England. Wiwa delights readers on a riveting journey of her hometown of Lagos, Nigeria in which she travels back to find that not much has changed, and perhaps gotten worse. None the less, she reinvents her country in her mind, recapturing a beauty in which she once lost out on in her adolescence. Initially attempting her best to distance herself of that a parallel universe from her current surroundings, it was only after the hanging death of her father, playwright and activist Ken Saro- Wiwa, that Noo did her best to brush off the ravages of her homeland to return to it much later. While additionally paying homage to her

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