Essay on Looking Forward to Starting High School

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An anonymous author once said, "What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new. Right now." Over the course of my school years, it has been an exciting and shocking experience. These experiences have been an enjoyable journey from my elementary to middle school years. However, after several years the end of my middle school adventure is coming to a close. Soon my new journey will start as a freshman. Eight grade will surely be one of my most memorable years. It has been an absolute wonderful one hundred eighty days, and I will miss some of the aspects of eight grade—but certainly not…show more content…
These activities have created many memorable memories for me to hold onto for the years to come. I have also made many friends that hopefully I will never forget. The main highlight of the eighth grade year was probably the Challenge. It was an absolutely fun event that I really think made each day slightly competitive and exciting. I really felt that mostly everyone, including the teachers, was excited to be in teams competing to win the limousine ride. Even though only one team could win the ride, the trip to Stony Run Park was also fun for everyone also. The events planned such as the tug-a-war was exhilarating. It was a great time to just enjoy yourself without worrying about school. I will never forget the eighth grade challenge. Another highlight of the year was the awards ceremony that just took place several days ago. I believe it was a pretty fun moment to be recognized for the many achievements done by students throughout their years at Grimmer Middle School. I think it will be fun to look back at trophies, papers, or plaques when I grow up to see what I accomplished during my middle school years. Throughout eighth grade the overall experience was a fun one. The homework and test were not that bad, and the people I have meet are truly the best. However, some of eighth grade was not at

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