Looking Glass Syndrome

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The suddenly stop in blood flow to the brain from strokes can result in varying degrees of damage to the brain as seen a patient Ellen. Post stroke, Ellen ate only from the right side of her plate and will only dress and put makeup her right side. She completely neglects her left side of her body and external world. This condition is a common neurological syndrome called hemi-neglect seen in post right brain stroke patients like Ellen, especially affecting the right parietal lobe. These patients often manifest sets of odd behaviors. They report not seeing anything on their left side, but are not blind and can receive visual input from both eyes. Sometimes they even notice things in their neglected side when their attention is drawn to it. What is peculiar about a neglect patient is that he was unconsciously recognizing differences in the images, yet verbalized the images were the same. He was given 2 pictures of the houses: one on fire in the left side and the other was intact. He said they were identical, but when forced to choose, he picked the intact house over the one on fire. Another patient would roll her wheel chair in huge circles to the right to see the neglected side rather than simply turning left. These patients somehow can not register in their brain that the left side of the world indeed exists. Doctors realized this and figured out if they somehow allow the patients to see the reflected left side from the right eye; perhaps this problem can be corrected.
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