Looking Into Our Nursing Future and the Impact the Iom Report Has on It

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Looking Into our Nursing Future and the Impact the IOM Report Has on it

Professional Dynamics

Looking Into our Nursing Future and the Impact the IOM Report Has on it
Since the passing of the 2010, Health Care Legislation Laws, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act, were instilled to increase the percentages of Americans having quality, affordable health care insurance coverage and making colleges more affordable and accessible to them. The Institute of Medicine developed a study to see how the nursing profession can be improved and to contribute to build a health care system that
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It is transforming every day. During the past several years nurses have been involved in more than just direct care they have been involved in the management of reducing the safety risks and improving quality of care. For example the IOM report states that the research from the INQRI showed that it has lessened the medication error rates, by the nurse clarifying doctors’ orders and providing patient education. (Institute of Medicine, 2010, p. 90) By transforming our practice our scopes of practice will need to be redefined. This will allow the nurses to work at their fullest potential and increase patient satisfaction and to meet the needs of our patients. Expanding our knowledge in procedure and community based skills will be required. The most transformations will occur with are APRN’s but every change that will be occurring will have a major impact on the quality of care our patients are receiving. It is going to increase our opportunities to care for all that is in need.
Key Message #2: “Nurses should achieve higher levels of education and training through an improved education system that promotes seamless academic progression.” (Institute of Medicine, 2010, p. 163) As the IOM reports, changes in the health care system are requiring major changes in the nursing education requirements to meet the immediate needs of our patients. Nurses need to understand the importance of obtaining a higher level of education so that they can practice to their fullest
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