Looking Up to Slim's Character in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

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In this novel of Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck, the author emphasizes the importance of Slim’s character by showing how much the characters depend and look up to him while also using his character for symbolism and contrast to other elements in the text. Slim serves as a leader to the men. He’s described as “God-like” which shows how much the men look up to him. Before he’s even properly introduced, we hear from Candy that he’s a “hell of a nice fella”; this shows that Slim’s Character is very much liked and accepted by the men while also showing that he’s friendly and a possible ally for George and Lennie. The men recognize and understand his “dignity” and how “ageless” he is, which is why they believe he’s qualified to lead them…show more content…
Slim is also used to contrast with Curley’s character. Slim only uses his strength when it’s necessary while Curley uses his openly and to get his way. When Curley begins fighting with Lennie, Slim wants to end it but George won’t let him until Curley attacks. When Curley pesters slim about where his wife is, Slim becomes defensive and says, “you lay offa me” which Curley apologizes with “I didn’t mean nothing”. Slim answered defensively because he knows Curley won’t fight him without knowing what he’s capable of. Slim has never lost his temper enough to the point where he starts fighting with someone so Curley apologizes, not looking for a fight, until he knows he can beat him. “Nobody knows what Slim can do” just emphasizes how much power he holds over Curley and the ranch. While Slim’s power also comes from respect and friendship from the men, Curley’s comes from his father. “Like the boss” Curley wears high-heeled boots to remind the ranchers that he is above them and if they don’t respect him he will speak to his father and get them fired from the ranch. Slim's "authority" means that he gets to decide who deserves justice, and who deserves a little leniency. He's good at reading someone’s personality, saying "I can tell a mean guy from a mile off" and, unlike some other people in the novel, he's not saying

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