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In the novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta, there are many representations of how fathers are portrayed in this novel. Question. Marchetta’s believes that a positive fatherhood figure is essential within a Childs life such as Michael Andretti helping his daughter, Joesphine Alibrandi achieve her emancipation. Marchetta contrasts Michael against negatively representations of fatherhood figures such as Senator Barton and Francesco Alibrandi. In the beginning of the novel, Marchetta represents Michael as an imperfect father who is absent from his daughters life for 17 years. Josie is longing to know her father so she can fill the gap of having a normal family. Although Michael is real, Josie refers to him as a “myth”. Michael…show more content…
Michael is a lawyer at one of the top chambers in Sydney, knowing that Josie wants to become a barrister he offers her a job to work with him at the chambers. Michael said to Josie, “You’re going to go on living. Living is the challenge. Dying is easy” when she was faced with the two hardest moments in her life, the death of John Barton and the abandonment of Jacob Coote. By comforting Josie, they both accept the relationship that has formed. Marchetta put the icing on the cake when Michael expresses his full commitment by wanting to adopt Josie, “I’d like you to be an Andretti”. Marchetta shows that a positive fatherhood figure is essential to shape their children’s attitudes and beliefs. Marchetta displays and refers to Senator Barton as a father of a nuclear family. A nuclear family is one that doesn’t show emotional support towards their children because the parents are too preoccupied with their own ambitions. Senator Barton is conscious of maintaining his status has a politician that he places more importance on the public images rather than the well being of his own son, John Barton. John is expected to enhance his family’s reputation by achieving great success at school and pursuing a brilliant career in politics too. John has to be the best at everything and measure up to this fathers expectations and ambitions, “When you can’t work out your ambitions, good old dad does it for you”. Eventually John feels as though his drowning in his father’s aspiration

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