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Illegal immigration has been an ongoing issue in the political arena for the past decade with immigration laws still being discussed. To immigrate means to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence. The United States is a nation founded by people who emigrated on the principle of freedom. What would our forefathers think if there could see the issues facing their nation today? There are many issues surrounding immigration policy such as national security, border patrol, deportation, lack of jobs, and lower wages. The United States needs to adopt policies to further correct the current laws for legal and illegal immigration.
President Obama addressed the DREAM Act at The State of the Union last month urging
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The PATRIOT Act addressed legal issues such as the expansion of criminal terrorism laws, wiretapping, banking regulations, and the sharing of information between the various governmental foreign and domestic intelligence agencies. The Act expanded the government's ability to detain and deport suspected terrorists, greatly increased the budget for immigration enforcement, and tripled the number of U.S. Border Patrol on the northern border (Hines 12).
Mark Krikorian lays out three packages of policies regarding immigration enforcement and numbers a basic plan, an upgraded plan, and a premium plan. The basic package consists of two main goals with regard to illegal immigration fencing and mandating all employers use the E-Verify system. Two more goals with regard to legal immigration ending the visa lottery and eliminating brother- sister chain migration. “But even this stripped-down basic package has to include more than just hardening the border. Limiting the demand for illegals by weakening the attraction of employment is at least as important as limiting the supply by fencing” (Krikorian 36). The visa lottery was invented in 1986 as a way to grant amnesty to Irish illegal aliens and has since morphed into a program that provides green cards at random to foreigners (Krikorian 36). Kirkorian expresses concerns due to “60,000 adult siblings of U.S. citizens who are allowed to migrate to the United States each year simply because of their
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