Looking for a Job and Stories from Korcula Island

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It is 2010/2011 the summer is on the front door and I'm start to think about the job that I could work this summer. I was start searching on a few places and talk with some people for some free place to work and at that moment it seems that I will have a job, but I was not feel some kind optimistic about them. Day by day I feel relaxed with the fact that I have some free time to enjoy before I start with the job and that was a pretty good for me. As the time was passing, of course no one of them still didn't call me as I expect, so it was obvious that I will need some alternative to earn some money, somehow. I start to search again but now it was to late, because everybody now have people to work for them. In one moment I feel like Im without options but I new that at least I can count to work with my parents with apartments, and to be honest that is not such bad. Everyday meeting new people from all around the world, you can learn something about some other culture, mentality, and similar. On the Korcula island summer is the best part of the year, there is a lot of people everywhere, a lot of event is going on and it is really great compared to winter. The best day of the year is the 30. Of June, it is celebrating the half of new year and it is at least three times better then anything else including the new year itself. We were already prepared for that day, after all we new that it will come sooner or later so what we could do else then to just use it to relax and enjoy
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