Looks vs Academic Qualification in Professional Life

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INTRODUCTION: Two friends were going for an interview board in a call centre company. Both of them were well dressed up and did everything they could to give a best presentation in the interview board in front of the officials. Of the two friends one had a very good CGPA and the other was ranked average. The one with good CGPA also had little previous experience in the related kind of jobs but the other friend was a novice. So, taking the best preparation for the interview both the friends faced the interview board. Both of them did well in the interview. But when the results were out, the novice friend with an average CGPA got the job but the other friend did not did not get the job. Here I want to raise my point “looks” does it really…show more content…
For example: mechanical engineer, construction supervisor, hardware salesperson etc. On the other hand attractive male job applicants did not suffer the same discrimination as women. For men, being attractive is always a plus point. Then I researched on what quality in between good looks and academic qualifications is strongly needed to make a strong positive first impression in the interview board? • I found moderate looking employee with good academic qualification tops. Good looks may help get one into the door; it won’t necessarily help one move up. • Academic qualifications alone are never enough. It is a guide to help push us in the direction to success. • So when high academic qualification is backed by good looks then the probability of success is higher. HYPOTHESIS: I intend my research to pinpoint issues regarding the importance of academic qualification as well as good looks in professional life. I hope my research will help you to realize that academic qualifications do stand way ahead of good looks in professional life. Looks play an important role in recruitment of an employee in a company, but there is no denying the fact that academic qualification is needed for getting a good job. Looks though do matter in professional life but in no case can compete with academic qualifications. METHODOLOGY: I
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