Lord Byron and the Romantic Period Essay

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Lord Byron’s works, such as Don Juan and other poems reflect not only the suave and charming characteristics of the Romantic Period, but they also reveal the nature of Byron’s uncommitted and scandalous life. Byron, like most Romantic era authors, was very unpredictable and opinionated in all of his writings. From the hatred of his upbringing, to the love of adventure, and also to the love of meaningless relationships with various women were majorly influenced and illustrated through all of his works and especially in “Don Juan.” Yet he still managed to infiltrate his poems with charm, romance, and heroism. Byron was a perfect fit for the Romantic Period and his poems and he was therefore known as a great contributor towards the era.…show more content…
They found peace among the sublime things in life describing grand landscapes to rural villages. The first generation also wrote about the importance of education, human rights, women rights, and helped to return the credit of nature back to God. The poets voiced their opinion in a very calm and collective way that was vastly different than that of the second generation. The second generation was the group of poets better known for their rebellious and opinionated poems. This generation shifted from voicing their opinions of the civil rights, and the French Revolution to their feelings about the Industrial Revolution and the egotistic and prideful mindset of aristocrats, of whom most of the poets belonged. The author, often, would use the poems they wrote to portray themselves or a visionary part of themselves, either way the second generation wrote in a more arrogant and selfish tone. One of the greatest poets that portrayed these mannerisms was George Gordon, or better known as Lord Byron. The common theme of Byron’s poems was that of the typical romantic heroic actions, and filled with an adulterous attitude (”English Literature: The Romantic Period”). To understand why Byron wrote in this way you must first understand his upbringing and the things he learned growing up. Byron, born on January 22, 1788, in Aberdeen England, was born to the very aristocratic and wealthy Catherine Gordon and highly-ranked naval officer, John
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