Lord Byron's 'When We Two Parted'

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No Pain No Gain Envision the heartache one might feel after he or she endures a dreadful breakup. One might find it difficult to capture the occasion’s true essence and would have to experience the tragedy to express these emotions. The poem, “When We Two Parted,” appropriately conveys the sorrow that the narrator feels regarding the drastic ending to a relationship, and Lord Byron dabbles with the passionate frustrations and despair all throughout the poem. He develops the feelings that a person can only imagine and enhances everyone’s knowledge of the misery the speaker endures by utilizing imagery and comparing those characteristics to the prominent emotions. Once one delves into the dark, desolate poem, she may uncover the theme underneath,…show more content…
Byron appeals to the reader’s senses by illustrating the narrator’s life. As the reader pictures the setting as the poem commences, she senses the vacancy in the area and hears the weeping in the distance. When describing the pasty flesh, a picture is pieced together in the reader’s thoughts of the devastating event, and this vivid image corresponds with the icy, dull world. The lack of color on his beloved’s cheek suggests that she no longer possesses the love and fervor she once had for him. When the droplets of water are mentioned, one may experience traces of the frosty condensation upon her skin as well; this source of imagery offers realism and submerges the reader into the fabricated tale that the story unleashes. In spite of alarming poems, Byron often constructs beautiful images with his superb articulation and imagery. In all honesty, “When We Two Parted” is an exquisite piece of literature with a broad use of figurative language that Byron formulated. Anguish and sorrow develops the devastating theme portrayed throughout the piece. Symbolism is evidently used to enhance the poem; however, the symbols are also used to tie the theme together. Conclusively, the imagery sculpts the poem effortlessly and contributes by delivering life to the poem. All in all, one grows to understand the meaning of a breakup by living through the eyes of the
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