Lord Call Samuel Research Paper

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Throughout the course of the Bible, God has called countless to people to follow His plan for them. Although some remain hesitant at first, it is seemingly impossible to altogether reject God’s calling. There are many examples of this in both the Bible and the world today. Samuel was called to serve as prophet, Mary was called to serve as the Mother of God, and my grandfather was called to serve as a deacon in the Catholic Church. God calls everyone to fulfill their vocation, but it takes people different amounts of time to finally respond to that calling.
The Lord called Samuel to be the first of Israel’s great prophets at time when much of Israel was in a state of disunity. As the people called for a king to control the land, Samuel would serve as the last of the Judges and a link between God and His people. Samuel’s mother, Hannah, was originally declared barren, but was granted a son after praying to God begging for a child. Hannah promised God that if she was given a child that the baby would serve the Lord in his life. Thus, Hannah gave Samuel to a priest named Eli (Bible).
One night when Samuel was asleep, the Lord called to Samuel.
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During Jesus’s apostolic life, Mary remained uninvolved as to not interfere with his work. She was mainly regarded as a typical Jewish wife at the time (Maas). Mary was present at the foot of the cross as Christ completely sacrificed himself and also when the Holy Spirit came onto the Apostles during Pentecost. As Catholics, we believe Mary was born free of the original sin called the Immaculate Conception. At the end of Mary’s life, she was brought to Heaven with body and soul in the Assumption (Maas). The Blessed Virgin Mary devoted her to life to following the call God created for her, from conception until her assumption into
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