Lord Of Otranto, By Sir Bertrand, And Romance Of The Forest

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Have you ever thought about what makes you become scared when reading scary stories? Gothic writing developed in the late eighteenth century and it was mainly a style of writing where abnormal or ghostly experiences were portrayed. In the stories Castle of Otranto, “Sir Bertrand,” and Romance of the Forest, terror is illustrated by emphasizing the architectural environments that are encountered. The architectural environments in Gothic literature, engage readers and immerse them into the story so that supernatural events can be imaginable, by using common features such as darkness, intricate or secret passages, and abandoned or isolated buildings. Darkness is a theme that can be seen across all architectural environments of these stories. It enhances the environments by intensifying the story plot of the main characters. Gothic stories tend to always depict darkness in order to illustrate abnormal events realistically. Without darkness, most scenarios mentioned in these stories would not have been as frightening. Similarly, in many instances darkness is followed by light. In “Sir Bertrand,” the main character pursues a mysterious light throughout a mansion before it disappears and leaves him in complete darkness. “The flame proceeded along it, and he followed in silent horror…It led him to the foot of another staircase, and then vanished” (Aikin and Aikin 593). This technique of light disappearing, enhances the proceeding event or setting in the story. “At the same

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