Lord Of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus Of House Vasa

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*The character chosen in this letter is one of the sergeant majors fighting alongside the King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus of House Vasa. In this letter, the Swedish soldier documented the battle fought by their forces, the Protestants, against the Catholic League of the Germans led by General Tilly. The soldier sent his letter to his father who will spread the news to the rest of the Swedish people about their victorious battle. I, Sergeant Major John Forbes, am sending this letter to you my honored and loving father to document the battle that we had fought. It pleases me to write this good news today, eight day of September 1631, a day after the battle by the authority given to me by Your Majesty Gustavus Adolphus. Thanks be to God…show more content…
Upon seeing us marching towards them, General Tilly’s forces likewise advanced towards us. The battle ensued with our forces trying to quell their attacks of pikes, artilleries and cavalries. It was an exhausting 5 hours long battle as we repelled countless attacks from our enemies. The General’s infantry used mixed formations of around 3,000 gunmen and pikemen, while the others from them charged with their cavalries. The gunmen formed the outer section of the battle array, while the pikemen gathered at the center. Cavalries were positioned on the wings of their battalion and led the charges before the gunmen and pikemen. For our enemies, it was a standard battle formation. The joint power of the King’s army and the Saxons, on the other hand, used more innovative battle tactics, which made our forces more mobile and agile than our enemies. Our firing technique was more advanced than our enemy, utilizing five ranks pikemen at the back and six ranks gunmen at the front. The first three ranks of gunmen fire simultaneously and the last three ranks served as secondary firepower. This firing technique is very innovative since the first three ranks had a variety of firing technique. The first rank is kneeling, the second rank is crouching and the third rank is firing. The simultaneous firing of this three ranks have great firepower to suppress cavalry attacks, while the secondary firepower coming from the

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